May 8, 2018

You can search on eBay by this part number and if you are lucky you can buy it for cheap. Would it be possible for it to work enough to power my laptop but not enough to charge the battery, even when the computer is off? Resolder the jack and it should take care of your problem. Dear Rob and experts.. Be careful not to short something on the board.

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I have a Toshiba Toshiba satellite p25 P30, and have had the same problem with the DC jack, I have stripped it down and resoldered the faulty pin. Since then when I try to turn it ssatellite on after I have it off, it freezes up. Satellite A55 Guide to remove keyboard.

I have an M35X-S and have toshiba satellite p25 problem toshiba satellite p25 problem regarding power. Please post your thoughts. Satellite A20 How to disassemble and replace display hinges. I have searched high and low on this issue to no advil until now.

I would contact the seller before you buy it, to make sure the part is compatible.

I have a Toshiba M35X that has a power problem. Could I possibly satelllite a drop toshiba satellite p25 super glue? Is ther any quick fix that might work for the thin vertical blue line on the LCD like a connection?? The part number is P OR find somebody who can attempt to replace the onboard memory.

Similar to toshibz Tecra A2. Satellite R20 How to disassemble the case. This information about the dead motherboard will help alot of others who have the same symptoms, and probably save them from frivilously spending anymore money, Im sure.

Wahl has them on thier site as well but I do not recall if toshiba satellite p25 can purchase directly from them.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

It turns out that one ribbon cable which goes from the motherboard to the front panel where the LED lights are came loose. When you turn toshiba satellite p25 on you should get a video on the external monitor. Call them and find out if you can fix it for free.

Toshiba satellite p25 is possible that an improperly seated cable or a loose connection creates the toshibx. I am hesitating to re-solder the jack since it is perfectly charging while the computer is off. Immediately press toshoba hold the Esc key for three seconds, and then release it.

Make sure that you plug it all the way down into the memory slot on the system board. If someone knows of a techie that will do the work in Dublin, Ireland, let me know. You toshiba satellite p25 a separate copy of Windows XP is what I used. Hello, I have a Winbook J1 that need to have the power jack replaced. The computer just powers off. Turns out they have a buyer assurance plan.

Supported Laptops

In the comment Mike said:. This problem has been happening for ttoshiba least six months now and I have had the computer for several years with no problem. Apparently this is a very common problem in my model, which sucks a great deal. Toshiba satellite p25 I understand right, in your case the bottom part is broken. That one did not charge either. I also though of installing the HD right into my desktop.

The power LED on toshiba satellite p25 front should light up green.

I still have a black screen with no power indicaters. Removing bottom cover to access cooling fan.

Thank you Garcete, There is only sattellite system board listed for this Toshiba laptop. If yes, then check if the memory module is seated properly.

Kaysee, Both problems could be fixed at the same time. Of course, only time will tell whether I am correct! The problem still could be related to the power jack. Now however, I have a funnier issue, which I highly suspect is related toshiba satellite p25 power, but probably not the DC in jack anymore.

Satellite A70 2p5 to dismantle. Thnxx for the tips but can u tell me wat a mainboard is? I am nowhere near toshiba satellite p25 good with home repairs as everyone else seems to be.

I need to replace the dc power jack.

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