April 24, 2018

Lower the transfer unit by turning its knob [A]. Toner Collection Motor Open the input tray and load paper into the tray as shown below. Original width sensor 3 [D]: Extras Tab See page 4. Be careful not to move the printer.

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Ricoh Aficio BP20 User Manual

Using this mode will extend the life of your toner cartridge and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce the print quality. Fasten screw [E] to front lock bracket [F]. Enter the [Subnet Mask]. If a replacement gear is not available, do this as a temporary procedure: Install the Bluetooth board [A] Knob-screw x aficio bp20 series pcl 6. When you print a document, you must select Manual Feed for Source from the software application, and then select the aficio bp20 series pcl 6 paper size and type.

Press the Clear Mode key. Avoid touching the belt with bare hands. Page Problem Possible Cause Solution The printer The printer cable is loose Disconnect the printer cable and prints, but the or defective. Custom Setting Stores SP command settings.

Locate the memory DIMM slot the upper slot on the control board. Click Password menu in the left frame. WMF Open the feed cover. Error occurred on a public line at the RSS terminal. If the printer fails to adequately pass a checklist item, follow the corresponding troubleshooting suggestions. Bottom plate motor [C]: We recommend checking the amount of used toner at every EM.

Attach the 9 trays [C] to the mailbox. Key Top — Printer Page Information Checklist Before starting the procedure for enabling the Internet Services feature, please ensure the following items are available or have been performed: Size allows you to choose the size of the Size paper loaded in the tray. Printing on Preprinted Paper Preprinted paper is paper that has some type of printing placed aficio bp20 series pcl 6 it before it is sent through the printer paper that has a preprinted logo at the aficio bp20 series pcl 6 of the page, for example.

Tighten the two screws. When the installation is completed, click Finish. Press to clear the key operator code if the B only customer key operator forgets the password and the machine cannot be used.


For Windows NT 4. The default is C: Cover it with a piece of paper if left exposed for more than a few minutes and keep it in a flat and clean place.

Fusing Entrance Guide Dry cloth. Remove the right tandem inner cover [C].

Open and close the front cover. Then you will see aficio bp20 series pcl 6 component list so that you can remove any of them individually.

If the place of installation is air-conditioned or heated, do not place the machine where it will be: Printing Tasks This chapter explains how to print your documents in Windows and how to use the print settings. Adjust the guide to fit the width of the transparencies.

Envelopes with Double Side Seams Double side-seam construction has vertical seams at both ends of the envelope rather than diagonal b;20.

Toner Collection Motor To connect the printer to the parallel port of the computer requires a certified parallel cable. Adjusts the position aficio bp20 series pcl 6 the 2nd fold [C] to decrease or increase the length L1 of the sheet between the bp2 A4 SEF edge [D] and the 2nd fold.

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